Shake Hands
And Don’t Let Go
Reebok Kids
Play Your Way Fit Reebok is tough fitness. With the mantra “The Gym Is Everywhere,” they are inspiring people to be their
absolute best—physically, mentally, and socially—because those who are fit for life will be the greatest contributors to our world. Our task was to translate that for kids. For them, the playground is everywhere. Kids have been doing CrossFit since before CrossFit—in street clothes! They call it recess. We call it a great way to connect to the overarching “Be More Human” campaign in an authentic, kid-friendly way, while maintaining the voice and positioning of the Reebok brand. We also call it fun. Through writing, photography, and design, we maintain consistency from retail to social/digital to TV. Even the collab with Disney resonates with the authenticity of the brand.

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