Overplan but
don’t overthink
If the idea feels right, it is. Lock it down and protect it.
adidas X Finish Line

http://it-farmacia.com/informazioni-su-viagra.html There’s a lot of this/that going on in the product world. Crossover SUVs, on-road/off-road bikes… we’re expecting to see hot/cold brew soon. adidas PureBOOST is a bit of a hybrid as well. It’s a legit running shoe that looks and feels cool enough to hang out in. The first challenge was to market the lifestyle aspect without selling its performance short. The other challenge was highlighting the running-shoe performance without alienating the casual user. But we enjoy a challenge or two. We gave it a story, a vibe, a look and feel to get the PureBOOST point across, shot the stills and video, and baked it into a nice little toolkit for easy use by anyone wanting to move some units.

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