Overplan but
don’t overthink
If the idea feels right, it is. Lock it down and protect it.
Reebok Kids
Reebok X Disney

http://kimberlywheaton.com/?search=sun-drug-store-viagra-generic This is a tale of how to evolve a collaborative partnership and campaign while keeping it fresh and infusing the characters and products with emotion.

http://stlsings.org/?search=viagra-and-other-sex-drugs&04a=c6 Through three seasons (and counting) of Reebok x Disney, our solution remains rooted in staying true to the playful imagination of a kid. Illustrations allow us to connect kids, Disney characters, and product in a visual narrative. The kid is the hero, transported to another time and place through imagination and play. It’s what kids do every day. Creatives, too, if they’re good.

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