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adidas Running
Global Running Day 2016

buy synthroid online We wanted to break through the clutter of other running brands on Global Running Day, and turn the audience’s attention to adidas Running.

go site We created a no-excuses, run-on-demand service for those who left for work unprepared to participate in Global Running Day. The online community was activated via Twitter the day prior and on Global Running Day, with a strong call to action. We shocked/delighted participants with hand-delivered duffels containing a head-to-toe outfit of workout gear (apparel, footwear, socks)—everything they would need to get out and run.

see Ultimately, 55 kits were couriered by a team of runners and fitness Influencers to consumers around Manhattan, covering 160 miles of the city.

norco drug ingredients viagra And the #GLOBALRUNNINGDAY tag was dominated by adidas.
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