don’t decorate
Modify the space to suit the concept, never the other way around.
Destinations Unknown Chapter Two Departure’s theme is exploring lands and spaces unknown. For the upcoming Denver location, we wanted to highlight exploration through the lens of air travel, evoking the feeling of flying by abstracting the visual languages of airports into something timeless and unique. We also wanted our storytelling to play well with the nautical theme found in the Portland location, tucking away plenty of visual Easter eggs in a user experience that rewards multiple visits.

source link The user experience breaks down into three zones, each portraying air travel in an unexpected, beautiful way. Flight patterns become light patterns; unmarked routes and hubs leave something for the imagination. Topographic artistry abstracts the aerial view of cities, farmlands and wetlands into symmetrical patterns. The ubiquitous X-ray becomes something cheeky and fun; voyeuristic glimpses into anonymous suitcases add food for thought to the menu.

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