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don’t overthink
If the idea feels right, it is. Lock it down and protect it.
adidas Originals
Coachella 2018 Collection Lookbook

“Another day, another lookbook” would be an understatement. There’s an endless supply, popping up like mushrooms – in a good way. We love ’em. When we do one, we want it to stick around a bit, hog the conversation, and do some work.

The adidas Originals Coachella lookbook went down easy, with the pleasant aftertaste of results. “Pit Stop” was a concept inspired by consumer behavior and the festival experience. Casting a diverse group of Influencers enabled us to tell a robust styling and festival story, and leverage the coin of the realm: social.

The result was a cohesive storytelling platform spanning all brand touchpoints: social/digital, retail, eComm, extending onto the polo grounds for on-site activation. Pit Stop did some work.

And Beyoncé was amaze.

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