Overplan but
don’t overthink
If the idea feels right, it is. Lock it down and protect it.
adidas Originals
SS18 Super Shoot

Creative comes in many colors, and this job needed the full spectrum. Creative creative. Creative project management. Creative production. Creative scheduling. You get the idea. One of our project managers racked up more comp time than the average human’s life expectancy. They returned to work out of sheer boredom. Okay, that last bit is a slight exaggeration. Or is it? 

adidas keeps it fresh. New and updated product drops weekly, if not daily. Without pics, gif, video, laydowns, etc., the hungry masses will never discover their new favorite. We’re not about to let that happen.

Multiply that by many CTC accounts and myriad franchises – each with their own specific creative and technical requirements – and you get the idea. Shot lists for days. Multiple shooters. Multiple locations. Good times.

It all turned out nicely. So nicely that we were still recovering from the wrap party while getting started on the much larger Super Shoot FW18: Superduper Shoot.

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