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don’t overthink
If the idea feels right, it is. Lock it down and protect it.
adidas Originals
SS19 Super Shoot

Creative comes in many colors, and this job needed the full spectrum. Creative shoots. Creative production. Creative project management. Creative creative. (You get the idea.) As our team racked up more comp time than the average human life expectancy, they took the time to flex their creative muscle. The result? A massive shoot that found new ways to look at the 3-Stripes while staying distinctly on-brand.

Why Super Shoot? Because adidas keeps it fresh. New and updated products drop weekly, if not daily. Without pics, GIFs, video, laydowns and beyond, the masses wouldn’t be able to discover their new favorite. We’re not about to let that happen.

Multiply that by multiple accounts and countless franchises—each with their own creative and technical requirements—and you’ll get an idea of exactly how super Super Shoot can be. Five unique creative directions. Five different retails. Five days in LA shooting hundreds of photos for adidas Originals.

Thanks to a dedicated (and likely still-recovering) team of models, photographers, creatives and more, Super Shoot was a success.

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