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adidas Running
Why I Run: Portland

If you need accolades and public recognition, running might not be your thing. Go fast, go far, go far fast – you’ll only get a pat on the back if your arm is long enough.

adidas Running wanted to flip that script for a minute. Let’s celebrate the Portland running community. Let’s leverage the start of the new year as a time to kick off, or continue, working toward fitness goals. Let’s surprise and delight runners by hooking them up with the best gear adidas has to offer. Let’s do.

adidas vans showed up at popular running routes and handed out new shoes, and handed out new shoes and handed out new shoes until there were none left to hand out. Took the next 50 names and sent them a pair too.

We also invited them to donate their lightly used footwear on the spot – collecting over 75 pairs to donate to Boys & Girls Club of Portland.

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