don’t decorate
Modify the space to suit the concept, never the other way around.
Destinations Unknown

For Departure, the rooftop restaurant in the Nines Hotel, located in downtown Portland, OR, we focused on the idea of exploration. We were interested in examining and honoring the moment when a person decides to leave the mundane behind and pursue adventure.

Maps proved the perfect tool to communicate our concept. We started by using actual nautical maps to generate our “new land,” adding a touch of whimsy to the place names. From Scared Strait to Wicked River,Jimmy Cliff to Funk Shoal,Bummer Beach to Tickled Pink Island, we created an imaginary landscape. Who wouldn’t want to swim in the Sea of Love?

Working with renowned architecture firm Skylab early on enabled true collaboration and the opportunity to adjust the build-out to accommodate the graphic experience. This allowed for a more evolved, thoughtful approach that encouraged the creation of something beyond traditional “flat” graphics.

The end result wraps around much of the dining room, setting the tone for the space and urging patrons to embrace a departure from the everyday.

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