adidas: adicolor Integrated Campaign


Celebrating new silhouettes and seasonal colors should be, well, colorful. We energized the adicolor retail/digital campaign by infusing it with bold color combinations and dynamic sets.

A woman wearing a blue tracksuit stands between the legs of a guy, also wearing a blue tracksuit, who’s sitting on a wavy modular shape with legs propped up on another wavy shape. Both shapes and the background are an orange-tan.

Push the Envelope

The usual monochromatic color schemes for adicolor campaigns were left in the past as we introduced contrasting and complementary color combinations for a more dynamic effect.

A guy wearing a red shirt dances in front of a blue set with a stack of stair-stepped boxes.
A woman wearing a pink tank top and sweats does a hand-stand on a sea-foam green set filled with rectangular arches.
A guy wearing a sea-foam green sweatshirt and shorts sits on a red pedestal in the corner of a red set with another red angular column framing the scene.

Modular Equals Limitless

Five sets were created with dynamic modular pieces, enabling quick, efficient changes and limitless shot opportunities. Models interacted with the sets, revealing dynamic and unexpected poses.

Two models, in white and gray, kneel and stand in a blue set in front of three blue modular towers.

A guy in blue sweats leans back on tip-toes against a tan squiggly-shaped modular piece on a tan set.
A woman in a green jacket and tights sits on a round set piece against a lavender set.

Voted Best in Class

This season of adicolor went on to be one of the most successful .com product releases to date for the client. The campaign expanded the creative world of adicolor, used globally and shared internally as Best-In-Class content production.

A woman wearing a pink sweatshirt stands against a seafoam green set with rectangular arches.
A toddler wearing black and white stands in a red set.
A guy wearing black crouches below a lavender half-circle propped up against the wall in a corner of the lavender set..