adidas x CNCPTS: Experiential Retail


The ask: integrate more experiential and shareable moments in a high-end boutique experience.

A LED curtain depicting a low resolution, half-tone image of a basketball player, set in an alcove in a brick wall that doubles as a shoe display.

Worship and Devotion

The religious fervor of the Sneakerhead and the store’s proximity to noteworthy cathedrals and churches drove the store concept. 

Shopping as a religious experience? You’d better believe it. For this build, we designed and executed innovative retail installations, leveraging technology and creating unexpected moments throughout the store, all tied together with biblical motifs.

The glass front doors to the Concepts retail space, with the adidas x Concept logo lockup.
The iridescent, rainbow lit mirrored changing room.
The neon lit ceiling of the fitting room.


The product launch zone (Mother Teresa) featured a programmable LED curtain, bringing in tech that engaged shoppers and felt more like art than messaging. Prismatic film and neon transformed the tiny fitting room (The Prism) into a magical, ‘Grammable destination. The focal point of it all was The Shrine: a projection of programmable content controlled by consumers that could be seen throughout the store.

A closeup of three sneakers posted in front of a profile of a face shown on the LED curtain.
Three shoes on a shelf below a halo ring of neon and the Shrine, a circular projection screen showing a building as seen from below.


Unexpected moments offered the perfect selfie playground. The store opening was featured in Sneaker News, Footwear News, KicksOnFire, and High Snobiety, with adidas using the experience as an example of Best-In-Retail for future installations.

Three shoes on a mirrored shelf, the reflection a trippy double image in pink and green.
The blue, back-lit Shrine in the back of the gray brick and concrete retail space.