adidas x Coachella: Integrated Campaign


A comprehensive campaign including overall look and feel, photography and messaging, social/digital strategy and asset creation and on-site activation.

A guy wearing a blue windbreaker, adidas tee, socks, and slides leans in the open door on the passenger side of an Originals themed Volkswagen bus parked in a desert gas station.

Who Isn’t an Influencer?

Everyone wants to stand out at Coachella – festival-goers and brands alike. But 99.5% of the people there are not VIPs or Influencers. These road trippers, car campers and die-hard music fans were the inspiration behind “Exit the Expected,” the idea that drove the lookbook and all festival activations.

A group of four people, decked out in adidas gear, pose in and around the adidas Originals VW bus.
A guy wearing an adidas tee over a long sleeve and a cap with three stripes stares off into the distance, standing with his hands in his pockets in front of a sign for ice cream.
Two women, one in all black with her track jacket hanging off one shoulder and the other in bright green and yellow adidas gear stand on the side of a desert road with arms around each other’s waists, looking over their shoulders.

Heavy Hype
Party Hard

We made our hub right in the heart of the action—the campground—giving festival-goers a place to chill out and win prizes. It also featured a mobile product cart where people could customize their purchased festival gear, making it truly their own. The lines were long and the hype was real. adidas was everywhere, worn proudly.

Someone kneels down to try on a sneaker, all smiles, while a few people behind them get gear being handed out from a yellow ice cream-style cart.
Folded adidas shirts being pulled out of a red ice cream cart.
The lounge setup with a shaded seating area, a few racks of shoes, an ice cream freezer full of shoe boxes, and a gumball prize machine all surrounded by lush greenery.

adidas 4 Life

We successfully created a unified presence across social, digital, retail, and event activation, driving sales and getting people talking about the brand. But, more importantly – we made the everyday concert-goer as important as Influencers – because they are Influencers. Every point of contact with the brand is important.

The adidas webpage with the Coachella Exit the Expected campaign graphics. Yellow and blue handwritten EXIT graphics overlay photoshoot images of a guy lounging in the VW bus, and a woman standing in front of the desert gas station.
A large handwritten, brushy EXIT written in yellow with Exit the Expected, Coachella, and adidas Originals handwritten repeatedly overtop in black.
A woman in a silver fringe jacket, adidas tee, and cutoff shorts stands with arms raised in front of a bike mounted, canopy covered ice-cream-style cart branded in blue EXIT graphics and a big trefoil logo.
A display rack covered in postcards featuring campaign images overtop the brushy EXIT graphic written in red and blue.