adidas x Ivy Park: Activation

Walk In Bey’s Shoes

Gen Z doesn’t just want to see a campaign, they want to engage on a deeper level and share their experiences. To launch the adidas x Ivy Park Collection at Foot Locker, we wanted to make an insta-worthy splash fit for a queen – Queen Bey to be precise. 

Woman poses on the lowrider for a photo op.
Close-up of the shoes of someone posing on the lowrider.


We built a complete replica of the wood-paneled set from the latest Ivy Park shoot – lowrider and all – and gave consumers a chance to step into Beyoncé’s shoes, recreating her iconic campaign photo.

The event DJ set up under a big banner of Beyoncé from the Ivy Park shoot.
Adidas x Ivy Park Collection 1 catalog propped up against the bike.

The gold and burgundy lowrider leaned up against the wall of the set.

A guest takes a shot on their phone of their picture from the photo op held up against an image of Beyoncé.
People peruse the collection.

Burgundy Ivy Park sneaker propped on an orange pedestal.


Fans lined up around the block to take part and share on Insta, building hype for the launch and driving shoppers to Foot Locker to get their hands on the collection.

People lined up outside Foot Locker.

A guest holds up an orange and burgundy Ivy Park sneaker.