adidas x Wanderlust: Product Launch Activation


To launch their co-branded collection with Wanderlust, we engaged the adidas Women’s community and leveraged International Yoga Day as our jumping-off point.

People stand with arms raised as they do yoga together, led by an instructor, in the Brooklyn Museum.

Local Goes Global

An inclusive yoga event in NYC got athletes involved on a local level, while the social campaign activated yogis from across the globe.

Women sit on yoga mats, eyes closed, legs crossed, and hands on their knees.
A mockup of an Instagram post, seen on an i-Phone, of a woman doing yoga outside.
A woman practices meditative gestural drawing while sitting atop a large piece of paper, drawing large sweeping circles of charcoal around her body.

Putting Community Back in Communal

This experiential event took a deep dive into yoga’s metaphysical and communal benefits. By engaging our NYC partnerships, we hosted yoga classes in an unexpected location: the atrium of the Brooklyn Museum. We created a “Wanderland,” a tranquil space filled with greenery, art by local makers, music, sunset-inspired lighting and glass vignettes that showcased Wanderlust outfits.

A stage  with a lit screen in a dimly lit atrium, surrounded by plants, is faced by a row of empty yoga mats.
Three vitrines of different sizes enclose mannequins dressed in Wanderlust outfits, and potted palms and ferns.
A view of the backs of the three vitrines, which are fogged glass with adidas x Wanderlust logos.
A view of the atrium full of participants doing yoga, the space is gently lit in blue and pink.

So Many Tree Poses!

Yoga Influencer Adriene Mishler hosted a meet-and-greet, where she invited our global community to post a tree-pose selfie, with adidas donating a tree for every #treefortree pose posted. In just 18 hours, International Yoga Day received over 4,300 submissions, all without paid support. The Tree Pose selfies led to the planting of 10,000 trees.