adidas Womens: Community Building


Building true brand love doesn’t just happen overnight. Like any relationship, it takes time, it takes engagement and it requires building a community. So that’s what we did.

Close of six people as they bring their hands together.

If You Build It She Will Come

To help adidas reach women in an impactful way, we built communities in LA & NYC with a focus on three things:

Two smiling women lean back to back, arms crossed, on a beach.

1. One Size Does NOT Fit All

We gave her options with three activation themes: CREATE CONFIDENCE, CREATE COMMUNITY and CREATE BETTER.

A woman jabs at a punching bag in a boxing class.
A woman looks at a wall of notes and images clipped to strings around a sign that reads: What Does Community Mean To You?
Two women lean together as they laugh.

2. Meet Her Where She Already Is

We stayed local. We partnered with groups already working in each community. We elevated Influencers who were natural community leaders.

A group of women stand, hands on hips, in a workout class.
Two women, sitting in conversation, speaking at an event.

3. Be There. For Her. Always.

We provided what these women actually needed: a sustained opportunity for connection and conversation – a purpose-built community.

Girls shake hands at an event in a gym.
Two women hug.
A woman plants an herb in a pot at an adidas Women’s event.

Community Engagement Becomes Record Engagement

Women opened emails, stalked our community website for upcoming events and shared self-generated content with our hashtags. Instead of the typical marketing email “delete response,” 35% more people opened ours; almost 94% of the adidas hashtag was user-generated. All of this added up to a vibrant community and record engagement with the adidas brand.