Chewy: Shoot


Pets? In costumes? Count us in. Chewy needed step-by-step “how-to” DIY couples’ Halloween costume images on a shoe-string budget – in the midst of a global pandemic – in a week. We put on our masks, rolled up our sleeves, gathered our furriest friends and got shooting.

Man wearing avocado tee shirt with cat dressed as toast.
Dog dressed in a tux as the Bachelor shakes paw with woman holding a rose, dressed as a Bachelorette.


Pets? In costumes? Count us in. Like Chewy, there aren’t many things we love more than our animals. To keep costs low, we got crafty and scrappy, enlisting the help of amateur models (friends and pets), hand-making the crafts step-by-step, and bringing it all to life with our talented in-house photographer.

Dog dressed as pilot with owner dressed as Rosie the Riveter
Cat in hotdog costume with owner dressed as a hotdog vendor


Not only was this shoot a lot of fun for all involved (except one of the cats…), Chewy was super happy with the results, we stayed within budget and turned images around the day of the shoot.