Agrarian Rooted. Community Driven.

To cut through the crowded CBD market, we worked with East Fork Cultivars to revamp and highlight their heartfelt, humble beginning as a conscious agrarian brand. What started as a logo refresh turned into brand positioning, strategy, social media plans, website rebranding, packaging, retail displays, and educational collateral that more than doubled the user base.


Collaborating with East Fork Cultivars leaders for authentic insight into their origin stories, we saw their expertise and humanity as the strongest way to attract new users, educate a rapidly growing audience, and create brand loyalty.


Understanding the brand’s mission to promote healing and education, we paired industry insights and genuine storytelling with bright, crisp photography and a friendly tone that enticed newcomers to learn more about East Fork Cultivars.


A continued partnership with a values-aligned brand that is committed to sustainable farming practices, environmental responsibility, and education. We helped the brand’s Instagram following grow from 800 users to 14,000+ followers. They even created a specialized strain named Happylucky!

A row of white and blue East Fork Cannabis Flower branded pre-roll tubes, showing the East Fork llama logo, in Balance, Create, and Relax strains.
A closely cropped view of an East Fork Cultivars Cannabis Flower pre-roll, with the blue East Fork llama logo, among several flowers.
A man inspects a plant in flower at the farm, outdoors.
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