East Fork Cultivars: Brand Identity


To cut through a crowded CBD market and reflect their position – not just as growers – but as educators, cultivars and community builders, we dug into East Fork Cultivars’ past, creating branding that pays homage to their heartfelt beginnings, sustainable farming practices and core values


They came to us looking to attract and educate a rapidly growing audience and stand-out in a crowded, uninformed, THC-dominant market. What started as a simple logo refresh grew into a total brand overhaul – and a lasting partnership. We worked alongside the East Fork team to develop a refreshed brand positioning, strategy, social media plan, website, packaging, retail displays, and education collateral – introducing elevated photography and an informative, friendly tone.

A collection of printed materials. A large card showing the plants on the farm with the white East Fork logo overtop; a blue enamel llama pin; three pre-rolls; the front and back of an informational card with a photo of the farm, stating Our Mission and Why CBD?; and the front and back of a postcard with a picture of cannabis leaves over pink flowers with the white East Fork logo overtop.
A man inspects a plant in flower at the farm, outdoors.
A closely cropped view of an East Fork Cultivars Cannabis Flower pre-roll tube, with the blue East Fork llama logo, among several flowers.
A blue and white angled display box of three East Fork pre-rolls, Create, Balance, and Relax strains.


Their Instagram follower count increased from 800 to over 14,000 (and growing). East Fork Cultivars continues to grow and add collaborative product partners with us at the creative helm. We are proud to work with companies like them because of their commitment to sustainable farming practices, environmental and social responsibility and education.

Three labelled bottles of CBD drops: a 4 oz pump on the left, a 30ml bottle in the center, and the hexagonal box for the 30ml bottle on the right.
Two white bags of East Fork Cultivars High-CBD flowers, side by side, showing front and back. The left bag shows the blue East Fork Cultivars llama logo, the right a circle cutout window displaying the flower product inside the bag.