An Inclusive Voting Campaign That Feels Good

As the rise of election misinformation increased, the Oregon Secretary of State asked Happylucky to create a campaign to re-energize faith and trust in the Oregon voting system. Our solution was to deliver the facts straight up but with a feel-good message in a graphic, colorful, uplifting animated package designed to inspire all Oregonians, no matter their political affiliation.


With voting under attack like never before, the Oregon SOS needed an unprecedented campaign to combat misinformation that could reach across political lines. We saw the challenge as an opportunity to confidently raise awareness about our state as a leader in voting access and security – something all Oregon voters could feel good about.


Voting in Oregon Feels Good—for all Oregonians. So does understanding your rights and the voting process, thanks to “Blobby,” a genderful and inclusive animated character we created to star in a fun, informative video series around educating voters (in six different languages) during the election season.


Straight-up success. We kept it real and so did our viewers. The animated series we created for the Primary election received recognition on social media, with local news, and even a cool shoutout from the Portland Trail Blazers. They were such a success, we were asked to create more for the General, and an ongoing partnership with the Oregon SOS for future projects.

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