Proletariat Butchery: Brand Identity


Proletariat combines old-world butchery methods with humane practices and an emphasis on sustainability. They wanted an identity that aligned with this ethos in a clear, visual way.

A cut of meat is being wrapped in butcher paper.

An Ownable Foundation

We researched. We dug deep. We uncovered truths about Proletariat and their place in the meat industry. We helped Proletariat establish their foundation as a brand, building an identity that both connects and differentiates them.

The Proletariat Butchery logo on a shingle sign.
The butcher’s hands as he selects a knife from a row of tools.
Detail of the Proletariat logo. A cursive PB ligature in a circle. Arching across the top Proletariat Butchery is written in an all caps, serif type, flourishes echoing the cursive PB; with an inner circle of a smaller, san-serif type reading Craft Butchery, Agrarian Practices, Meat Provision, Education.

New World Meets
Old World

We landed on a handcrafted, artisanal feel balanced with an honest, utilitarian and purposeful aesthetic. This direction drove a new brand identity toolkit that armed Proletariat with logos, branding guidelines, a photo archive and a digital/social strategy.

An opening party invitation featuring the butcher from the waist down, wearing heavy duty work denim and suspenders, holding two legs of ham.
A branded brown paper bag.
Cuts of meat wrapped in branded butcher paper, featuring a PB logomark and horizontal Proletariat type treatment.