Here's to Humanity

After a 14-year hiatus, we brought back the “Reebok Human Rights Awards'' as a virtual summit. Working alongside Reebok, and in partnership with Alabama State University and the ACLU, we created social toolkits and a full rollout strategy utilizing a mix of pre-recorded segments, motion graphics, historical footage, and self-recorded content. Each segment was linked alongside live content, live chat, and a panel discussion with award winners during a two-hour livestream.


Playing a direct role in spreading awareness for the awards through authentic networking helped Reebok strengthen relationships with community leaders, HRA board members, athletes, brand ambassadors, and activists including Shaq, Tarana Burke, Amber Hike, ACLU, Reebok employees, and the ASU president.


Using our partner connections, we created original content aimed at shedding light on institutional racism while celebrating and learning from the inspiring young leaders working to dismantle it. To build hype and engagement, our social content rollout drove viewers to a microsite to sign up, get educated, and get involved—culminating in a livestream of the awards.


Creating this level of brand storytelling gave us the opportunity to celebrate the next generation of change alongside Reebok, ACLU, and ASU. The virtual summit was a success and gained a ton of support from key speakers.

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