The New Blueprint for an Exceptional Brand Story

A footwear brand with a powerful story, Sorel came to us with two key challenges: low awareness among younger consumers, and a misconception that they only make winter boots. So, we conceptualized and launched their first-ever streaming TV spot featuring young women stepping out in Sorel to do whatever they damn well pleased, in style and with no apologies. This campaign not only forever changed the blueprint for what used to be seen as a brand for boots and hiking, it made Sorel the fastest-growing part of Columbia Sportswear.


No one expected a brand like Sorel to step in and create The New Blueprint for how athletic wear is worn, thought about, and embodied by the target consumer: young women seeking empowerment and flexibility in their fashion. The impact of that shift was undeniable.


We developed a narrative for our target to see themselves in, forming an emotional connection with a gritty look into the psyche of our talent. She’s real, raw and playful, with palpable confidence and complex thoughts. By finding the common ground between her and the consumer with thematic storytelling, we were able to drive awareness and consideration for a new brand ethos


No longer seen as the brand just for winter boots, our TV spot and supporting campaign content helped Sorel emerge as a function-first fashion brand, made for stepping outside the lines, to become Columbia’s fastest growing brand in 2022.

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