NYC “Up Your Grill Game” Activation

Tillamook cheddar slices are cut thick for tastier, meltier bites to give your burgers, melts, and anything else a perfect cheesy layer. The legendary Oregon dairy brand reached out and asked us to help them spread the word about how these thick slices could help burger lovers up their grilling game leading up to the July 4th weekend.

Hudson Yards gets heavy foot traffic (60k people a day!) and we needed to grab tourists’ and locals’ attention so we could show them how to have the greatest grilling experience ever with Tillamook Slices.
Our target audience is downright competitive when it comes to cooking–going [almost] all out for grilling season. And yet, without realizing it, they’re skimping on their cheese choices. We need to help our target audience see Tillamook cheese slices as a key component for leveling-up on summer grilling.
Big, loud, and cheesy in the best possible way, a pop-up, block party-vibe experience to up your grill game. A giant boombox food truck lured passersby. A burger stack-off game kept kids, and kids at heart, entertained. DJs Nigel 3 Times and Tokyo Rose played burger and chart-topping hits, and influencer chefs Gaby Dalkin and Dan Pelosi served up cheesy mouth-watering goodness and reciepes
The Tillamook "Up Your Grill Game" Activation saw impressive foot traffic with over 1500 visitors per day, with high engagement through our interactive experiences. The campaign created social media buzz, captured leads effectively, enhanced brand awareness, and drove significant sales uplift, solidifying Tillamook as a top choice for cheesy grilling experiences.
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