Uplift by Brew Dr: Identity + Packaging


Uplift is a natural energy drink chock-full of goodness. Not just in flavor and ingredients, but for the planet and the people on it. Brew Dr.’s commitment to community (1% of every purchase goes to social justice programs) comes to life in the visual identity — lifting people up and giving them a great reason to buy. And, oh man, does it pop on the shelf.


From the energetic color palette inspired by the natural ingredients in each flavor, to the gradient that shifts from dark to light going up the can. From a unique double-front-panel design featuring a botanical illustration, to the geometric pattern that draws your gaze upward in the marketing materials. Everything about the new branding and the inspiring copy is designed to uplift.

The three cans, Blueberry Raspberry, Mango Passionfruit, and Blood Orange Lemon, lined up on a counter surrounded by the fresh fruit that makes up their ingredients. Each has a white front panel with knocked-out vertical version of the Uplift logo so the gradient behind, which wraps around the whole can, shows through. The Blueberry Raspberry gradient is a dark blue to purple, the Mango Passionfruit a pink to orange, and the Blood Orange Lemon a red-orange to yellow.
A can of Uplift laying on its side on a marble table top next to a small plant and a set of car keys.
The Blueberry Raspberry Uplift can  on a purple background with a scattering of blueberries and raspberries.
The Mango Passionfruit can on an orange background with slices of mango and a passion fruit cut in half.

The Blood Orange Lemon can on a yellow background with slices of lemon and blood orange.


The design was a total hit. As soon as we launched the new look and feel, positive comments came flooding in from the client, shoppers and the design community alike. 
Grateful to work with folks who want to make the world a better place, we’re uplifted too!

Three cans in a pile of ice.
A can set on a desk by a laptop.

Billboard featuring the three Uplift flavors with text that reads Energy Infused With Goodness