Last one out turns off the bubble machine

What we do

Make memories.

We use any medium necessary to bring the message to the right ears, eyeballs, tongues, and, if we’ve done our job right, hearts.

How we do

Bring hearts and minds.

We are fluid, agile, and responsive. We create unexpected solutions. We’re inspired by beauty everywhere; it feeds us (but a buttoned-down spreadsheet gives us the shivers too).

Why we do

To kick ass.

We take an inspired approach to everything we do. We take pride in the work. We deliver work that connects to people in a real way. Advocates of keeping things fun under pressure and laughing in the face of adversity–we’ll be damned if we ever let this job start to feel like work.

Where we do

Earth, mostly.

We are a low-profile brand design agency with clients in Europe, China, and even our low-profile home town of Portland, Oregon USA. Our passports are in our go bags. Our dog sitters are on speed dial. Our neighbors know which of our plants need the most water. Recent jobs have sent teams to LA, Korea, Berlin, Shanghi, LA, Nuremburg, NY, LA, Hong Kong, Dallas, and LA- poor us.

The family thinks we work crazy hours, but our clients feel like we’re there for them. That’s what we’re going for at least.